Check out updates and FAQ for preorders or restock info below! 


The product I wanted to preorder says "Coming Soon", can I still preorder? 

Typically, not. When a preorder window closes or a preorder sells out, it is marked as coming soon. This means that it is not available to preorder anymore at the time. 

I missed the preorder! Will that product restock and, if so, when

Yes, the product will restock! Products on preorder will be stocked and available for purchase after the preorders for it have been shipped out! Check back around the expected ship date for the item's preorders for a restock! 

An item I want says "Coming Soon" but it wasn't a preorder. Will it restock and when?

Usually, yes! We update about restocking items that were not preorders on our socials, usually on Instagram. Your best bet is to follow us there or subscribe to emails to get updated ASAP when things restock. "Coming Soon" is our default sold out message so not everything will restock, but we do our best to take things that won't, off of the site. 

Products Restocking

Strawberry Mini Tote - February 2023

Current Preorders

For an explanation of preorder status terms, read up on our preorder process here

Strawberry Mini Tote - October/November Preorder


Star Assassin Bag - October/November Preorder


Scythe Bag


Dragon Sweater & Taijutsu Sweater