Custom Rug or Mug Rug Commission Inquiry

Welcome! So you're interested in a rug commission? Here is where. you'll find some information on how to submit a request for a commission. Info about cost, content, and the process is laid out below as well as a form to submit your request! You can also submit a request via instagram by messaging @Shopanimekay, required info for a commissions request is listed at the bottom of this page! 

All rugs are made with a cut pile machine. I typically use 100% acrylic yarn but that can be changed with a request for a different fiber. Rugs will be finished with rug glue and felt backing. Backing changes can be requested as well. Mug rugs will typically be finished with rug glue and a cork board backing.  Mug rugs are best suited for hot drinks or cups/containers that will not produce condensation so as to prolong their appearance and cleanliness. 


That depends. For references on what your commission might cost, you can check out some of the rugs I have listed on the site. For example, if you are interested in your own set of Flower Mug Rugs, the cost would be the same as shown on the site ($80) for a set of 4.

The cost of each rug is different as time and supplies vary from project to project. I mainly consider the complexity of the design and the desired size in my calculations of price. Any time constraints requested or things of a similar nature can also impact the final price. Pricing for mug rugs is given for a set of 4 unless otherwise stated. 


Just about anything! I love anime and manga but will, of course, create unrelated pieces. I will not accept any commissions containing offensive or harmful ideas and will accept NSFW projects at my own discretion. Upon sending an inquiry, you can follow up with example or inspiration images sent to either our instagram @Shopanimekay or via email to 

In terms of actual application, there are some limitations. Fine lines and other small details may get lost in the overall design of the rug so it is best to stay away from very small details. Typical line work like that seen in manga can usually be done. Any sort of blended shading or gradient is currently beyond what I feel can comfortably be accomplished so any requests for the like will not be accepted. The size of the rug directly correlates to the amount of detail that can be present.


You get to choose how much of an influence you have over the final product. Ways that you can have more control include: sending exact reference artwork, sending pre-chosen color names/brands/or types of yarn to be used, and requesting a specific type of backing. Similarly, if you want a more stepped back experience, you can simply give me an idea and let me go at it. 


Firstly, fill out the form below with accurate contact information so that I can get back to you with a decision or questions. In the message section, include the following: 

  • Design idea: tell me about what you want done by providing a character name or concept description. Don't forget to follow up with images via email or to our instagram. 
  • Sizing and color information
  • Quantity requests for mug rugs
  • Any special requests